Application administrators

Application administrators (app admins) view and manage user permissions in an application. App admins can also add and configure applications, assign applications to end users, and create users through an app import.

In the Admin Console, you can assign an app admin to an app or to an app instance. In Okta, app refers to the application itself, like Workday. App instances are the individual instances of Workday.

App admins have the following permissions:

  • View apps and app instances
  • Add and configure apps
  • Assign user access to apps
  • Create users in pending status through an app import
  • View Mobile tab on apps
  • Create and modify an OIDC app
  • Manage Profile Editor
  • Manage profile mappings
  • View users and groups
  • View System Log
  • View user social tokens
  • Authorize RADIUS agent

For a complete view of all of the permissions that are granted and excluded from this role, see Standard administrator roles and permissions.

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