Create an admin assignment using a role

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  1. In the Admin Console, go to SecurityAdministrators.

  2. Go to the Roles tab. The Roles tab displays a list of previously created standard and custom roles.

  3. For the required role, click Edit. This allows you to edit and create new assignments, edit the role itself, and delete the role entirely.

  4. From the dropdown box, select View or edit assignments to create a new custom admin assignment.

    To edit an existing custom role, select Edit role.

  5. On the Administrator assignment by role page, the role you just selected is pre-populated. In the Complete the assignment section, select:

    • The admins who should have this role. Admin can be users, groups, or both.

    • The resource set that you want to constrain the given role to.

      • You can save an admin assignment that includes resources not affected by the permissions. It will not break the role assignment created.

      • You can also add, edit, and delete assignments from this section for the given role.

  6. Click Save changes.

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