Configure Universal Directory mappings

This part of the Configuring Inbound SAML workflow is optional.

Inbound SAML works with the Universal Directory (UD) that is set up for your organization. You can customize UD mappings for each identity provider.

Before you begin

Complete these tasks before you configure UD mappings:

Add a SAML Identity Provider

Add metadata for an Identity Provider

The Edit Profile and Edit Mappings options aren't available in the SSO and Legacy SSO 2013 editions of the platform.

Start this task

  1. In the Admin Console, go to SecurityIdentity Providers.
  1. Find the IdP that you want to map, and then click Configure > Edit Profile and Mappings.
    • Click Add Attribute to add to the default custom attributes list.
    • Click an existing attribute to edit its information.
    • Click Map Attributes to customize the mapping between the IdP and Okta.

Next step

Specify an error page for Identity Provider, SAML, or SSO