Org display language

Okta has many Supported display languages for your org. End users see the display language that you select unless they choose a different language in the Okta End-User Dashboard or in their browser.

How Okta evaluates the display language

Okta evaluates the following sources in order of priority to determine which language to display to end users:

  1. The Display language in the Okta End-User Dashboard, if the user has selected and saved their own language. See Select your display language.

  2. The cookie with the browser's language setting. The cookie is updated when the end user selects a Display language.

    If multiple users share a workstation and a browser, the browser is displayed in the language that was selected in the most recently authenticated user's Okta End-User Dashboard.

  3. The language configured in the browser settings

  4. The locale property value in the user's Universal Directory profile. See Default profile properties.
  5. The org-wide display language

The following settings determine the language for emails sent from Okta to a user, if the user hasn't selected a specific display language:

  • The user's locale property value (if specified)

  • The org's display language

Select an org-wide display language

  1. In the Admin Console, go to CustomizationsBrands, and then select the brand you want.

  2. On the Settings tab, locate Display language, and then click Edit.

  3. Select a language from the Language dropdown menu, and then click Save.