Okta People Picker for Sharepoint agent version history

This page lists current and past versions of the Sharepoint People Picker agent. This page is updated whenever a new version of the plugin is released.

Current GA Version
Current EA Version none



Release version includes bug fixes and certain security enhancements.2023.10.0 update supports TLS version 1.2 encryption protocol to align with industry best practices and standards for security and data integrity. 2017.50
  • Fixes a SharePoint site creation issue for certain types of site collection.
  • Includes a PowerShell script to create Sharepoint trusted token issuer in the downloadable Okta People Picker for Sharepoint packages.
  • Includes updated setup instructions for SharePoint (On-Premise) application to indicate that the PowerShell script is now available inside the downloadable Sharepoint package.
2017.36 version allows admins to select Okta login or App username as the identifier claim as well as the Email Address. It also includes extended capabilities to restrict searches to only members of a specific SharePoint app instance.2016.31 This update provides admins managing mixed Windows and Claims environments the option of resolving AD-imported Okta users and groups only from white-listed domains. 2015.25 Provides an update that disables SSL3 encryption protocol to address the Poodle security vulnerability. 2014.50

Introduces the Okta People Picker for Sharepoint Server plugin. The integration includes JIT profile sync support with the following attributes:

  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • Email Display Name (Calculated as First + Last Name)
  • SPS-ClaimID
  • SPS-UserPrincipalName
06/10/2014 Internal Updates 03/10/2014
  • Enables users to configure their own group and user look-up limits.
  • Fixes an issue where the SharePoint People Picker was colliding with other claim providers.
  • Upgrades the Sharepoint plugin to version
  • Fixes an issue in which users who were granted permissions through Sharepoint were not receiving their invitation email.
09/04/2013 Introduces integration of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and 2013. 07/09/2013

Note: After October 13, 2014, releases are named by release number; prior to that, they are named by release date. Release numbers indicate the year and week in which the release became available. Occasionally, there are gaps in the numbers.