Automatically update an app username

If you've overridden the existing app username format, you can use selective attribute push to continuously update app usernames as user profile information changes. For example, if a user is assigned to an app that uses an email address as the username format, Okta can automatically update the username when the email address changes. This functionality applies to all apps and isn't limited to apps with provisioning capabilities.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to DirectoryProfile Editor.
  2. Select Apps in the Filters list.
  3. Click Mappings for the app, and then select Configure User mappings if a list appears.
  4. Select the Okta User to [app name] tab.
  5. Click Override with mapping.
  6. Select an attribute from the dropdown list, or enter an expression to create the app username.
  7. Click next to userName, and then select Apply mapping on user create and update.
  8. Click Save Mappings and then Apply updates now.

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