Change the user type

Change the user type to quickly apply new policies and other settings to users. For example, change a user with a contractor user type to an employee user type to apply employee specific policies and settings.

The attribute name and the attribute data type must be identical to allow values to transfer from one user type to another. When the existing attribute name and attribute data type are different in the new user type, the attribute values are not transferred and must be entered manually.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to DirectoryPeople.
  2. Optional. Select a user type in the User Type list to filter the people list by a specific user type.
  3. Select a person in the Person & username column.
  4. Click Change at the top of the user profile screen.
  5. In the Change user to list, select a user type.
  6. Verify the attribute values for the user are correct.
  7. Optional. Update any attribute values that were not transferred.
  8. Scroll down and click Change user type.

The user type updates at the top of the user profile screen.