Configure Group Linking

To demonstrate how to configure Group Linking, this procedure uses Google Workspace. To determine if your application integration supports group linking, check the Capabilities tab for the application in the Okta Integration Network integration catalog. See Okta Integration Network.

  1. Access your Okta instance of Google Workspace.
  2. Click the Push Groups tab.
  3. Click Refresh App Groups to update any imports or changes that occurred in the third-party app. This ensures that all groups from the target app are represented in Okta.
  4. Click the Action button (Group Push Settings) if you want the ability to rename a group in the third-party app when linking.
  5. Click Push Groups.
  6. In the Pushed Groups list, click By name and enter a keyword in the Search field.
  7. When the group appears in the table, click the Match results and push action drop-down to:
    • Create Group — This group does not exist in the target app, but it can now be pushed from Okta to the app. This is group push without enhanced functionality.
    • Link Group — This group does exist in the target app, but it is now linked to Okta and shown under the Group in Google Workspace column. Use the drop-down to find an existing group in the target app by keyword.