Okta group source types

This table lists the Okta group source types.

Group Source Type Description
Native Okta groups Before you connect Okta to applications or other resources, you can create groups in your Okta org. The default group Everyone contains all users in your Okta org.

To manage your Okta groups, sign in to your Okta Admin Console and click DirectoryGroups.

The Okta Administrators group includes all administrators of your org.

Active Directory groups Active Directory (AD) is the most common source for groups. Nearly every business of significant size uses an AD instance to manage users. You can use the Okta AD agent integrate your AD instance with Okta.

Okta doesn't support Domain Local Groups containing members from multiple domains. Universal Security Groups with cross-domain membership are supported if there's a two-way trust established between the domains. Universal Security Groups don't support cross-forest membership.

LDAP groups You can use the Okta LDAP Agent to import groups from LDAP-compliant Windows and Unix servers.
Application groups Some applications have groups that you can import into Okta. The ability to import these groups depends on whether the groups can be accessed through an API and if the application has been integrated with Okta. These are a few of the applications that support group import:
  • Box
  • Google Apps
  • Jira
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Workday