Import users from a CSV file

You can add new users or update existing Okta users by uploading a CSV file of user information. This includes validation and error reporting of the imported data.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to DirectoryPeople.
  2. Click More Actions, and then choose Import Users From CSV.
  3. In the Import Users from CSV window, click the this template link to download a template CSV file.
  4. The template includes headers for all of the attributes defined in your current Okta user profile.

  5. Complete the attribute fields (login, firstName, lastName, and email).

Do not delete the first row header. Subsequent rows must contain one user in each row with all mandatory information entered in the correct columns. You do not need to enclose entries in quotations. Do not leave columns empty unless the same column is left empty for all rows and they are not mandatory attributes. The entries ,, and ,"", are identical and are treated as empty strings.

  1. Click Upload CSV.

A validation process runs to make sure that the file is properly formatted.

  1. Correct any errors or note the success message, and then click Next.
  2. In the Import Users from CSV window, choose one of the following:
    • Automatically activate new users – Newly imported users are automatically activated.
    • Do not create a password and only allow login via Identity Provider – Newly imported users are not sent activation emails or prompted to set up an Okta password. This is recommended only for users who will authenticate through an external Identity Provider.
    • To edit the option Do not create a password and only allow login via Identity Provider, make sure Automatically activate new users has been enabled.
  3. Click Import Users.

Okta validates that the CSV file is formatted correctly and that all attribute requirements are met. A summary lists the number of new users, uploaded users, unchanged users, and the number of users that incurred errors. If errors are found, click the Download link to view the error report.