Okta Workflows - Preview release notes

Current release

Preview release of Okta Workflows 2024.05.1 began deployment on May 15, 2024.

Action cards added to the Google Workspace connector

The Google Workspace connector has four new action cards to support role assignments.

  • Create Role Assignment
  • Delete Role Assignment
  • Search Role Assignments
  • List Roles

See Google Workspace Admin connector.

Event cards added to the Okta Devices connector

The Okta Devices connector has been updated with 19 new event cards.

  • Authenticator Activated
  • Authenticator Deactivated
  • Device Activated
  • Device Added to User
  • Device Deactivated
  • Device Deleted
  • Device Enrolled
  • Device Removed From User
  • Device Suspended
  • Device Unsuspended
  • MFA Preregistration Initiated
  • Phone Verification Call Sent
  • Phone Verification SMS Sent
  • User MFA
  • User MFA Factor Activated
  • User MFA Factor Deactivated
  • User MFA Factor Reset All
  • User MFA Factor Suspended
  • User MFA Factor Unsuspended

See Okta Devices connector.

To use these new event cards, go to the Connections tab in your Workflows Console and reauthorize the Okta Devices connection.

These Okta Devices event cards will replace the equivalent event cards of the Okta connector in a future release.