Okta Workflows Release Notes: Production

Generally Available Production 2022.05.0 began deployment on May 11.

Connector Builder (in Early Access)

Features and Enhancements

New deployment validation messages

In Connector Builder, deployment validation messages for the following scenarios are now available:

  • An action flow is removed.

  • Static or dynamic input fields are removed from an action card.

  • Static or dynamic output fields are removed from an action card.

Field preview for action cards

While adding options or fields to an action card in Connector Builder, users can now preview the fields of the card before it is deployed.

Connector Builder button

The Connector Builder button replaces the Connectors navigation item and now opens Connector Builder in a new tab.

Third-party contact fields in the connector's profile

The User Documentation URL field for a link to externally hosted documentation and the Support Email Address field for third-party contact information are now available in the connector’s Settings dialog.



For dynamically generally input fields, fields of the type option didn’t render properly.


In the Test Connection dialog, the selection of a test connection wasn’t retained from previous tests for an action flow.


A message indicating that a connector passed validation for deployment didn’t appear properly.


Features and Enhancements

Execution limits for flows

The Workflows platform now includes execution limits on flows. Flow throttling is a Workflows feature that automatically detects, limits, and notifies users when specific flows consume excessive resources during a defined window of time. Flow throttling doesn't impact or prevent the completion of a flow.

See About execution limits.

Connector Updates

Okta connector

For the Okta connector, the following event cards are now available:

  • Device Activated
  • Device Added to User
  • Device Deactivated
  • Device Deleted
  • Device Enrolled
  • Device Suspended
  • Device Unsuspended

See Okta connector.

Connector Fixes


On the Send Email action card for the SendGrid connector, the Attachments field disappeared under the conditions in this sequential order:

  1. The Attachments field contained an object.

  2. The Choose fields dialog was opened and closed.

Previous releases

For previous releases, see .