Step 1: Build the parent flow

  1. In the Admin Console, go to WorkflowWorkflows Console.
  2. In the Workflows Console, click New Flow. Optionally, if you have a folder where you want to store this flow, open it and click Create a Flow Now.

  3. Name your flow Import Users - Parent Flow.

  4. Click Add New Event, and then select Schedule from the Okta Apps menu.

  5. In Flow Schedule, set a weekly frequency.

  6. In the second card, click App Actions, then select the app you used to create the CSV file (Google Sheets or Excel).

  7. In the Actions menu, select Read All Rows.

  8. In the Read All Rows card, select your spreadsheet and the worksheet number where your users are stored, and then click Done.

  9. Verify that your four CSV file column names are selected, and then click Done.

  10. Click Add AnotherFunctionListFor Each.

  11. Drag and drop the Rows field in the Read All Rows card to the list field in the For Each card.

Next steps

Step 2: Build the helper flow