Build a delegated flow

A delegable flow can be delegated to an Okta admin who can view and run it from the Okta Admin Console. The Delegated Workflows feature allows you to delegate the ability to run those flows to Okta admins who do not have access to Workflows. Any flow that is created by a Workflows user and includes this event card can be delegated.

To build a flow that can be run from the Okta Admin Console, select the Delegated Flow event card from the Add event dialog.


This is a group of extensible fields that can only be of the type Text, Number, True/False or Date & Time. List is not an allowable type.


Field Definition Type
User Content
Okta User ID Unique identifier of the user to whom the flow is delegated. The user is given the ability to view and run this flow by an admin user in Workflows. The delegated user may or may not have access to Workflows. String

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