Duplicate a card

The duplicate card option creates exact replicas of existing cards in your flow. This is helpful when creating flows that require multiple similar cards - for example, long flows with repeated functions, or flows with branching.

The duplicate card inherits the connection information and fields from the original card. Also, any changed label names, descriptions, or help text is copied, along with any error handling conditions from the original card.

This is useful when you want to copy a complex card that only requires a few different inputs, or for cards with multiple edited fields or options.

Start this task

  1. Open your flow in the flow builder view.

  2. Click the Duplicate icon on the bottom pane of the card that you want to duplicate.

  3. A new copy of the card is added beside the existing card.


  • Duplicate cards don't retain any mappings of fields from other cards that existed on the original card.

  • You can't duplicate event or note cards.

  • If/Else, If/Elseif, or If Error cards that contain branching structures with action cards:

    • You can't duplicate these cards directly. However, you can create parallel structures on separate branches inside these cards. Simply duplicate the action cards inside one branch and drag the duplicates to the other branches and make your changes.