About dynamic options and fields

This is an Early Access feature for existing Workflows users. To enable it, use the Early Access Feature Manager as described in Manage Early Access and Beta features.

Connector Builder gives you the ability to return a list of options for a single dropdown field or return a list of input or output field that are specific to a user's environment in a third-party service. They are imported dynamically into a connector project. Such fields can be combined with statically defined fields to form an action card.

Dynamic Options

Options are often added as dropdown fields on a card. They determine how an action card will interact with a third-party service. Dynamically built options offer the flexibility of returning different data sets based on the third-party service account that is used when creating a connection. These are often used when end users of an application can add their own record types or fields. For example, dynamic options on the Create Issue action card for the Jira connector determine the types of issues that can be created and the projects against which new issues can be added.

Dynamic Inputs and Outputs

Dynamic inputs and outputs are fields that are also retrieved from a third-party service. They often include custom fields that are specific to a third-party account and are defined directly in that service. For example, a Create User card for a service may include standard fields such as Username and User ID, but may also include custom fields from an instance of an application. Such dynamic input and output fields differ from static input fields in that the latter are hard-coded into the connector definition and do not differ based on the account that's used to create a connection for that connector.

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