Create a new connector

This is an Early Access feature for existing Workflows users. To enable it, use the Early Access Feature Manager as described in Manage Early Access and Beta features.

Create and store connectors as connector projects in Connector Builder.

  1. Click New Connector.

    Optionally, click CONNECTORS + in the upper left corner of Connector Builder. The New Connector Name dialog appears.

  2. Add a name for the connector project.

    Give some thought to the name that you choose for the project. The platform will generate an immutable key that represents your connector in the database and can be viewed in the product. For example, when you name a connector project Google Docs, then a key named googleDocs_RHP4567 will be generated, where RHP4567 is a randomly generated string that makes sure the connector is unique across all Okta environments.

    This key is available in the Settings section of the Connector Builder page. Once created, a project/folder will appear in the left panel of Connector Builder and the Overview section will be displayed.

    The Connector Builder interface includes three primary tabs:

    • Overview (Settings and Authentication)
    • Flows
    • Deployment

Next steps

Create and edit connector settings