Test your flows

To run your flows during development, click Test in the toolbar when editing a flow. The Test dialog allows you to add test data to your flow, similar to the ability to add data to a deployed card. When you click Run Test, the flow will execute and the flow history will show the data as it is passed through each card in the flow.

Section Description
Test Connection
  • <connection-name>: Allows for the use of a previously created connection in Connector Builder during the execution of a flow.

  • New connection: Allows for the creation of a new test connection.

  • Temporary connection: Allows for the manual addition of credentials for a temporary connection during the execution of a flow. The ability to do so is especially useful when testing against a service with differently scoped tokens.

Options and Inputs

Any fields that are defined in the Options dialog or Inputs dialog or directly on a helper flow will appear and allow you to add test data.

Dynamic Fields

Dynamic inputs are fields that are retrieved from a third-party service. They often include custom fields that are specific to a third-party account and are defined directly in that service. They are also used to change the list of inputs depending on a user’s choices when entering Options.

When testing dynamic inputs, the test data should be in the following format where “field A” is the key/name of the field defined in the dynamic fields helper flow.

"field A": “Value A”,
"field B": “Value B”,
"field C": “Value C”

For more on dynamic inputs, see Add dynamic input fields: HTTP example.

Selected Outputs

Connector Builder provides the ability to inspect a list of output fields that are selected by the end user of a connector. This feature is particularly useful when building a connector against a third-party service that retrieves a large payload of data.

When fields in the Selected Outputs section are returned from the third-party service, they are in the following format for each group:

"field A": {
"type": "string",
"collection": false
"field B": {
"type": "object",
"collection": true
"field C": {
"type": "boolean",
"collection": false

For more on selected outputs, see Add selectable outputs to an action card.