Create Project

Create a new project within your Asana organization.


Field Definition Type Required
Organization Organizations in your Asana workspace. Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
Name Name of the new project.

You cannot create multiple projects with the same name. Use the Search Project action to make sure you aren't duplicating project names.

String FALSE
Due On Due date for the new project. You can format the date in one of two ways:
  • To specify a date only, the format must be YYYY-MM-DD

  • To specify a date and time, the format must be YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss+00:00

Date & Time FALSE
Public? Indicates whether the project is accessible by team members; True if the project should be visible by all team members, or False if the project is restricted. Boolean FALSE
Description Description of the new project. String FALSE
Status Indicate the status of a project by either color or description or both.

Status is not required to create a project. A project status is added or updated if you provide values for both the Status Color and Description when you create or update a project.

Status Color Color that represents the status of the new project. Options are On Track, At Risk, Off Track, or On Hold. Dropdown FALSE
Description Description of the project's status. String FALSE

Find a Team ID or the User ID of a project owner by searching for a Team Name or Owner Name.

Team ID Numeric identifier of the team to whom the new project is assigned.

This field is required. Find a team's identifier by navigating to Team Conversations. The identifier can be found in the team's URL.

This is also a required field if you select an organization from the OptionsOrganization dropdown. You need to identify the team with which you'll share the project.

Number TRUE
Team Name Name of the team to whom the project is assigned. String FALSE
User ID

Unique identifier of the user.

Number FALSE
Owner Name Name of the user to whom the new project is assigned. String FALSE


Field Definition Type
Project ID Numeric identifier of the new project. Number

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