Azure Active Directory connector

Azure Active Directory APIs allow you to manage your Office 365 licenses, users, and groups. You can create, read, update, and delete users and groups, and use a combination of APIs to manage Office 365 licenses.

Authorize your Azure Active Directory account

The Azure Active Directory connector uses OAuth2 for authentication and authorization. The first time you add an Azure Active Directory card to a flow, you're prompted to create a connection. See Authorization.

Azure Active Directory connector action cards



Add User to Group Add a user to an Office 365 group.
Assign License to User Assign a license or SKU to a user in Office 365.
Assign Role to User Assign a role to an Office 365 user.
Assign User Manager Assign a new manager or update an exiting manager to a user in Azure Active Directory.
Create Cloud User Create a cloud user in Office 365.
Create Contact Create a contact in Outlook by Azure Active Directory.
Create Group Create an Office 365 group.
Create Guest User Create a new invitation that adds an external guest user to the organization.
Custom API Action Make an authenticated custom API request to the Microsoft Graph REST API.
Delete Group Delete an Office 365 group.
Delete User Delete an Office 365 user.
Disable User Account Disable a user's Office 365 account.
Enable User Account Enable a user's Office 365 account.
Get Licenses Get the list of commercial subscriptions or licenses (SKUs) that an Office 365 organization has acquired.
List Contact Folders Lists Outlook contact folders with Azure Active Directory.
Read Directory Roles Read properties and relationships of directory role objects in Office 365.
Read Group Read information about an Office 365 group.
Read User Read an Office 365 user's properties by User ID or Email.
Read User Manager Read a user or organizational contact assigned as the manager of a user in Azure Active Directory.
Read User Roles Get roles that are assigned to a user in Office 365.
Remove License from User Remove a license or SKU from a user in Office 365.
Remove User from Group Remove a user from an Office 365 group.
Revoke User Sign In Sessions Invalidates refresh tokens issued to applications for a user in Azure Active Directory.
Search Contacts Search the contact folder collection.
Search Groups Search Office 365 for a group by property values.
Search Group Members List the members of a group in Office 365.
Search Users Search Office 365 for a user by property values.
Unassign Role from User Remove a role from an Office 365 user.
Update Group Update an Office 365 group.
Update User Update an Office 365 user's properties.