Collaboration Created

Triggers a flow when a collaboration is created for a folder in Box.

Collaborations are created using email address, user IDs, or a group IDs. If a collaboration is created with a group, access to this endpoint is dependent on the group's ability to be invited.


Field Definition Type Required
Folder ID Unique ID of the folder. String TRUE


Field Definition Type
Event ID Unique identifier of the event. String
Event Type Type of event that created this file.

For example, Webhook Event.

Event Time Date and time when the event was triggered in Box. Date and Time
Webhook ID Unique identifier of the Webhook that triggered this event. String
Event Name of an event that triggered the event. String
Collaboration ID Unique identifier for this collaboration. String
Time Created Date and time when the collaboration was created in Box Date and Time
Time Modified Date and time when the collaboration was last modified. Date and Time
Expires At When the collaboration will expire, or null if no expiration date is set. Date and Time
Acknowledged At When the status of the collaboration object changed to accepted or rejected. String
Accessible By
Type User or group that is granted access. String
ID Unique identifier of the user or group. String
Name Display name of the user or group. String
Login Primary email address of the use or group. String
Invite Email Email address used to invite an unregistered collaborator, if they are not a registered user. String
Role Level of access granted. String
Item Name Name of the item. String
Item ID Unique identifier that represent item. String
Item Type Type of the item. String
Item Status Identifies if the item has been deleted. String
Created By
Name Name of the user who created the collaboration. String
User ID Unique identifier of the user. String
Email Email address of the user. String
Additional Info
Additional Info Additional information that Box returns. Object
Execution ID Execution identifier of the Webhook event. String

Additional information

Note the following limitations:

  • One Webhook per item (for example, file or folder) per application per authenticated user.

  • 1000 Webhooks per application per user.

  • Webhooks cannot be triggered on the root folders.

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