Create Envelope

Create an envelope in DocuSign.


Field Definition Type Required
Accounts Choose from available DocuSign accounts. Dropdown TRUE
Templates Choose from available templates. Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
Authoritative Copy Indicates whether the document is the authoritative copy. Boolean FALSE
Brand ID ID of the brand. Dropdown FALSE
Message Lock Indicates whether the message is locked. Boolean FALSE
Allow Markup Indicates whether markup is allowed. Boolean FALSE
Allow Comments Indicates whether comments are allowed. Boolean FALSE
Allow Reassign Indicates whether the envelope can be reassigned. Boolean FALSE
Allow View History Indicates whether the envelope history can be viewed. Boolean FALSE
Reminder Delay Number of days to wait after creating the envelope before sending first reminder. Number FALSE
Reminder Enabled Indicates whether reminders are enabled. Boolean FALSE
Reminder Frequency Frequency (in days) to send additional reminders after the first. Number FALSE
Expiration Enabled Indicates whether expiration is enabled. Boolean FALSE
Expire After Number of days after which the envelope expires. Number FALSE
Expire Warn Number of days before envelope expires to send an expiration warning. Number FALSE


Field Definition Type
Envelope ID Unique ID of the envelope. String
URI URI that contains the user ID. String
Status Envelope status; one of completed, created, declined, delivered, sent, signed, or voided. String
Status Date Time Date and time the envelope changed status. String

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