Search Envelope

Search an envelope in DocuSign.


Field Definition Type Required
Accounts Choose from available DocuSign accounts. Dropdown TRUE
Result Set Choose whether the search returns First Matching Record or All Matching Records. Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
From Date Date and time to start searching for matching envelopes. Date & Time TRUE
Email Match envelopes sent by existing account with this email address; must also specify Username. String FALSE
Username Match envelopes sent by existing account with this username; must also specify Email. String FALSE
User ID

Unique identifier of the user.

String FALSE
Status Choose from available statuses. Dropdown FALSE
Folder ID Choose from available folders. Dropdown FALSE
Order By Choose an available order. Dropdown FALSE


Field Definition Type
Envelope ID Unique ID of the envelope. String
Email Subject Subject of the email sent to all recipients. String
Envelope URI URI for retrieving the envelope. String
Created Date Time UTC date and time the envelope was created. String

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