Search Files or Folders

Search for files or folders in Dropbox for Business.


Field Definition Type Required
Result Set Filter search results by First Matching Record or All Matching Records. Dropdown TRUE

A maximum of 10,000 matches can be returned in a result set.


Field Definition Type Required
Query String to use in the search. May match across multiple fields based on the request arguments. For example, cat. String TRUE
Path Display path of the location for the uploaded file; for example, /Homework/math/Prime_Numbers.txt. Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type
Metadata Info
Type Type of data returned. String
Name Name of the uploaded file; for example, Prime_Numbers.txt. String
Path Display path of the uploaded file; for example, /Homework/math/Prime_Numbers.txt. String
File ID Unique identifier for the uploaded file; for example, id:a4ayc_80_OEAAAAAAAAAXw. String
Revision Number Unique identifier for the current revision of the uploaded file; for example, rev:a1c10ce0dd78.

This value is the same revision number as elsewhere in the Dropbox for Business API and can be used to detect changes and avoid conflicts.

Client Time Modified Value of the client_modified timestamp. Dropbox automatically records the time at which the file was written to the Dropbox servers. It can also record an additional timestamp, provided by Dropbox desktop clients, mobile clients, and API apps of when the file was actually created or modified. The timestamp is in the format Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ. Date &Time
Server Time Modified The last time the file was modified on Dropbox. The timestamp is in the format Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ. Date &Time
Size The file size in bytes. String
File Content File contents that you want to upload from the Workflows file system. File
Is Downloadable? If True, indicates that the file can be downloaded directly; else the file must be exported. Boolean
Has Explicit Shared Members? Indicates whether the file has any explicit shared members. Boolean
Content Hash A hash of the file content. This field can be used to verify data integrity. String
Symlink Info
Target Target to which this symlink points. String
Sharing Info
Read Only? If True, indicates that the file or folder is inside a read-only shared folder. Boolean
Parent Shared Folder ID ID of shared folder that holds this file. String
Modified By The last user who modified the file. This field will be null if the user's account has been deleted. String
Export Info
Export As Format to which the file can be exported. String
File Lock Info
Is Lockholder? If True, indicates that the caller holds the file lock. Boolean
Lockholder Name Display name of the lock holder. String
Lockholder Account ID Account ID of the lock holder if known. String
Created Date Time Timestamp of the lock was created. Date & Time

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