Create Verification Request

Create a verification request in Evident ID.


Field Definition Type Required
Use Template? Choose whether to use a template to create the request. Boolean TRUE
Template If Use Template? is set to Yes, select a template from the list or select -- Use Template ID -- to manually enter a temple ID in an input field.

If Use Template? is set to No, choose -- Create Request by Inputs --.

Dropdown TRUE



A maximum of 500 attributes are displayed. You can use an attribute that's not displayed by entering the name provided by the Evident ID attribute lookup endpoint (for example, See Lookup available attributes.

Field Definition Type Required
Email Email of the end-user who owns the data to verify. String TRUE
Template ID This field appears if the Template option is -- Use Template ID --. If so, enter the ID of the template to use to create the request. String TRUE

Additional input fields may be dynamically generated depending on which template is selected or if -- Create Request by Inputs -- was selected.


Field Definition Type
Request ID ID of the request. String
Owner ID Owner ID of the user whose data is being verified. String
User Identity Token Token that can be used to authenticate against an Evident ID web app. This is emailed to end-user. String

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