Read User Group

Read a user group in Jamf Pro Classic API.


Field Definition Type Required
Read By Choose one of the following options as the user group identifier for the input field:
  • ID: Unique ID of the user group.

  • Name: Name of the user group.

Dropdown TRUE


The Group fields are dynamically generated based on the field selected in Options.

Field Definition Type Required
ID Unique ID of the group. Number TRUE
Name Name of the group. String TRUE


Field Definition Type
User Group    
ID Unique ID of the user group. Number
Name Name of the user group. String
Smart Group Specifies whether this user group is a smart group. Boolean
Notify On Change Specifies whether an email notification is sent when a membership change is made to the user group. Boolean
Site Components that can be viewed and managed by the user group. Administrators can create sites to determine which objects Jamf Pro users can view and manage.

For example, computers, mobile devices, or apps.

Users Users included in the user group. List of Objects
Smart Group Criteria Criteria if this user group is a smart group. This smart group is created based on one or more inventory attributes included in the criteria list.
List of Objects

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