To use any Mixpanel card in a flow, you must configure a connection. This will enable you to connect your Mixpanel account, save your account information, and reuse the connection in other flows that contain Mixpanel cards.


You can create multiple connections and manage them from your Connections page.

To create a new connection from an Action card:

  1. Click New Connection.

  2. Enter a Connection Nickname. This is useful if you plan to create multiple Mixpanel connections to share with your team.

  3. Select an option from the Mixpanel API Server Location dropdown. Options are Standard or EU.

  4. Enter the Mixpanel token associated with your project in the Project: Token field.

  5. Enter a secret key that is associated with your project in the Project: API Secret field.

  6. Enter your service account's username in the Service Account: Username field.

  7. Enter a secret key for your service account in the Service Account: Secret field.

  8. Click Create. This saves your connection and returns you to your flow.


To get access to European Union servers, see the instructions in Implementing Mixpanel in the European Union (EU).

Authentication requirements for Mixpanel connector action cards

Action cards for the Mixpanel connector vary in the credentials values that they require to run properly.

The Project: API Secret field is required for the following action cards:

  • Custom API Action [Ingestion API]

  • Read Profile

  • Update Profile

The Project: Token field is required for the following action cards:

  • Custom API Action [Ingestion API]

  • Create Profile

  • Create Track Event

  • Delete Profile

  • Read Profile

  • Update Profile

Service Account credentials (Username and Secret) are required for the following credentials:

  • Custom API Action [Query API Lexicon Schemas API]

  • Search Profiles

  • Search Track Events

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