Read User Manager

Read a user or organizational contact assigned as the manager of a user in Office 365 Admin.


Field Definition Type Required
ID or Username User ID is the unique identifier for the user. Should be treated as an opaque identifier.

Username of the Office 365 user. This is the user's User Principal Name (UPN). A UPN is formed by taking the username and domain and combining them with the @ separator.

For example, This could be the user’s email address, but this is not true in all cases.

This property cannot contain accent characters. Only the following characters are allowed A - Z, a - z, 0 - 9, ' . - _ ! # ^ ~

String TRUE

If the string for the UPN input begins with $, remove the slash / after /users and enclose the UPN value in parentheses and single quotes. For example, /users('$'). See Known issues with Microsoft Graph.

To search for a B2B user using a UPN input value, encode the hash # character as %23. For example, /users/


Field Definition Type
ID Unique identifier for the user. String
Display Name Name displayed in the address book for the user. String
Surname Surname of the user. String
Given Name First name of the user. String
Mail Email address of the user. String
User Principal Name User principal name (UPN) of the user. The UPN is an Internet-style login name for the user based on the Internet standard RFC 822. By convention, this should map to the user's email name. The general format is alias@domain, where domain must be present in the tenant's collection of verified domains. String
Business Phones Phone numbers of the user. List of Strings
Mobile Phone Cellphone number of the user. String
Job Title Job title of the user. String
Office Location Physical office location of the user. String
Department Department of the user. String
City City in which the user is located. String
State State in which the user is located. String
Country Country or region in which the user is located.

For example: US or UK.

Preferred Language Preferred language for the user. Should follow ISO 639-1 Code.

For example: en-US.


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