Authorize this connector by creating a connection to your Okta account. You can reuse this connection the next time that you build a flow with this connector.

A best practice is to create a specific service account with super admin credentials for Okta Workflows and then use that account to authorize the connection. Otherwise, the Okta user account used to set up the connection is associated with any actions performed by Okta Workflows.

Before you begin

  • The account must have super admin credentials.

    In addition to the initial authorization of the connector, reauthenticating this connection requires an account with super admin privileges.

  • A super admin must assign the Okta Workflows OAuth app to the account creating the connection.


Creating the Okta Devices connection consists of several tasks:

Record your domain name

Locate the Okta domain by clicking your username in the upper-right corner of the Okta Admin Console. The domain appears in the dropdown menu and looks like:




Record the app authentication values

You need the Client ID and Client Secret from the Okta Workflows OAuth application:

  1. In the Admin Console, go to ApplicationsApplications.

  2. Open the Okta Workflows OAuth app.

  3. Click the Sign On tab and copy the Client ID and Client secret values.

Assign scopes

While still in the Okta Workflows OAuth application:

  1. Click the Okta API Scopes tab to see the list of available scopes.

  2. Click Grant for each scope that you want to grant.

  3. The Okta Devices connector requires the following scopes:

    • openid*
    • profile*
    • email*
    • phone*
    • address*
    • groups*
    • offline_access*
    • okta.devices.manage

    Scopes designated with an asterisk (*) are automatically granted. You don't need to grant them through the Okta Workflows OAuth app.

After adding any scopes to an existing Okta Devices connection, you must reauthorize the connection to inherit the new scopes.

Create a connection in Okta Workflows

  1. In the Okta Workflows Console, go to Connections.

  2. Click New Connection to see a list of all available connectors.

  3. Select the Okta Devices connector.

  4. In the New Connection window, enter a Connection Nickname. This is the display name that appears in your connections list.

  5. Enter the Domain of your Okta org.

  6. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret.

  7. Click Create.

The new connection appears in the Connections list.

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