Authorize this connector by creating a connection to your OneDriveOneDrive account. You can reuse this connection the next time that you build a flow with this connector.


Admins and users must have permission to upload a file.


By default admins have permission to access all user drives. Group access is determined by the type of group and its access configuration.

  • Non-admins must be granted permission by admins to files or drives that is not their own.

  • Group access is determined by the type of group and its access configuration.

File and folder

  • Admins can access any user and their files.

  • Non-admins can only access files and folders of other users if the file has been shared with them.

  • Authenticated users can access their own drive.


  • Microsoft OneDrive admin credentials

  • Users without administration credentials must be granted permissions to access files or drives if they are not the owner. See Give access to OneDrive.

  • Delegated work or school account.

  • Delegated personal Microsoft account.


To set up a new configuration in OneDrive:

  1. Enter an Account Nickname. This should be unique. If you are connecting multiple OneDrive accounts, then you'll be able to tell them apart.

  2. Click Create to finish this configuration.

Supported Scopes

  • Files.ReadWrite.All
  • Group.ReadWrite.All
  • Email
  • OpenID
  • Profile
  • Offline_access

Supported Drives

The OneDrive connector doesn't support transferring drive items between different drives..

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