Create User

Create a user in Opsgenie.


Make sure that the API key that's used to create the Opsgenie connection for this card is not team-specific. Otherwise, any input value in the Team ID or Team Name fields on this card will not override the team that's specified by a team-specific API key. It is recommended to create and manage API keys on the Opsgenie API key management page.


Field Definition Type Required
Username Email address of the user. String TRUE
Full name Combination of the name and the surname of a user.

In some cases, the Opsgenie API ignores the value of the Full name field and creates a user using the name portion of the user's email address.

For example, the Full name is John Smith and the email address is In some cases the Full name created by the API is john.smith.

String TRUE
Role Name of the role assigned to the user. These roles are dynamically generated based on custom roles the user has created.

For example, admin, user or the name of a custom role.

Dropdown TRUE
Skype Username Skype username of the user. String FALSE
Address Line Address of the user. String FALSE
City City of the user. String FALSE
State State address of the user. String FALSE
Country Country of the user. String FALSE
Zip Code Zip Code of the user's address. String FALSE
Timezone Timezone of the user. If not set, timezone of the customer will be used instead. You can refer to Supported Timezone IDs. Dropdown FALSE
Locale Location information of the user. If not set, locale of the customer is used instead. See Supported Locale IDs for available locales. String FALSE
Tags List of labels attached to the user. Apply labels to users to differentiate them.

For example, you can add ITManager tag to differentiate people with this role from others.

Array of Strings FALSE
Custom Details Display a set of user defined properties. Object FALSE


Field Definition Type
User ID

Unique identifier of the user.

Username User's email address. String

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