Search Users

Search for Salesforce users by username or email.


Field Definition Type Required
Search By Username: user's username.

Email: user's email address.

String TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
Value Exact value you want to search for (cannot be a partial search). String TRUE


Field Definition Type
User ID

Unique identifier of the user.

First Name User's first name. String
Last Name User's last name. String
Username User's unique login in the form of an email address. String
Email User's email address. String
Is Active? True if the user is active; false, otherwise. Boolean
Is Frozen? True if the user is frozen; false, otherwise. Boolean
Alias Short name to identify the user on pages where the entire name does not fit (if no value is provided, alias is generated based on the Username, trimmed to eight characters). String
Nickname Name used to identify user in a community. String

Job title of the user.

Email Encoding Character set and encoding for outbound email sent by user, defaulted to Unicode (UTF-8). Dropdown
Locale User's country or geographic region, defaulted to en_US. See Supported Formats for more information on locales. String
Language User's primary language. Dropdown
Mobile Phone User's cellular or mobile phone number. String
Phone User's phone number. String
City City portion of user's address. String
State/Province State or province portion of the user's address. String
Country Country portion of user's address String
Zip/Postal Code Zip code or postal code portion of the user's address. String
Employee Number Unique identification number for the user. String
Company Name Name of the user's company. String
Division Division of the company (for example, PC Sales Group). String
Department Department or group in the company (for example, Customer Support). String
Manager ID Unique identifier of the user's manager. String

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