New Channel Created

Trigger a flow when a new channel is created in Slack.


The authenticated user who created the Slack connection that's used by the flow must be a member of the created channel if it's a private channel. The creator of the connection will only see newly created private channels that they're a member of. Newly created public channels are always returned, regardless of membership.


Field Definition Type
Channel ID ID of the channel. String
Name Name of the channel. String
Created At

Date and time when the object was created.

Creator ID Slack user ID of the user who created the channel. String
Purpose Purpose of the channel. String
Topic Topic of the channel. String
Number of Members Number of members of the channel. Number
Is Private? Indicates whether the channel is private. Boolean
Is Archived? Indicates whether the channel is archived. Boolean
Are Member? Indicates whether a user is a member of the channel. Boolean

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