Repair an invalid flow

You cannot save a flow with an invalid structure.

Three typical causes of invalid flows are:

  • Missing required inputs

  • Invalid isolated method

  • Some fields are invalid

Missing required inputs

Required inputs are marked with a red asterisk next to the field name. Scan all your cards to make sure all required inputs have been assigned a value. If your flow has branches (e.g. uses an If/Else) you should look inside the branches as well. Any invalid card typically shows a red title.

Invalid isolated method

Sometimes an "Invalid isolated method" alert will appear on several, or even all, of the cards in your flow. The source of this error is usually a field that is mapped from the right to the left. You may have to search through all of your cards to find the error. Turning on X-Ray view (by pressing the button at the right side of the toolbar above your flow) will often help locate such errors.

For example, if you have a flow that includes a Math Add card that sums the outputs of two previous cards, when you move the Math Add card to the left of one of those two other cards, then "Invalid isolated method" alerts appear. If you move the Math Add card back or fix the inputs, then the alerts will go away.

Some fields are invalid

The typical cause of a ”Some fields are invalid” alert on a card is mapping a field from inside a branch (e.g. the False branch of an If/Else) to a card that is outside of the branch. That is invalid because the field will not exist if a different branch is run. The alert will go away if you move the destination card inside the same branch as the source field. If you want to use fields from inside a branch to the outside, use branch “Outputs” to assign a value from each branch that will map to later steps.