All input and output fields have a type. There are five basic types:

  • Text
  • Number
  • True/False
  • Date & Time
  • File

There are also two special types that are composites of those types:

  • Object: An object is a collection of keys and values where each value can be a different type. For example, a Customer object could consist of the text strings First Name and Last Name, an ID number, and a Sign Up date and time.
  • List: A list is a collection of items that are all the same type, such as a list of numbers or a list of objects.

Field type errors

If you're seeing errors in your flow, one of the first things to check is the types of your fields.

For example, numbers sort differently if set as Text instead of using the Number type. For an input field, the card tries to automatically convert any incoming value to the type specified for the input field.

Type mismatches also occur when a function or action expects a certain type, but instead receives another type that it can't convert. For example, the Math - Add function accepts text as input and tries to convert to numbers. If you try to add 10 and potato, it can convert the number 10 to 10 as a string. However, it doesn't know how to convert the string potato to a number.

For custom output fields, you must set the type correctly or you may encounter errors. For example, don't define your output to accept numbers but then pass it an object.

Custom fields

Many cards allow you to create custom input and output fields. When available, there's is a disabled field that says Click or drag to create (for a custom output) or Click or drop to create (for a custom input). After clicking a field, you can give it a unique name.

If you drag an output to an input, the custom field picks up the name and type of the origin or destination. For example, the Math-Add function comes with two inputs defined, but you can add extra inputs to add more than two numbers.

Dynamic fields

Some cards include dynamic fields. For example:

  • Google Sheets - Read Row: The output fields correspond to the column headers in the selected spreadsheet.
  • Salesforce - Find Record: The inputs depend on the record type that you search for.

Common warnings for cards

  • The fields below may change. This warning shows up on an event or action card when:
    • You haven't connected to the app, chosen an account, or if any required parameters are missing.

    • The inputs or outputs on the card are based on the account and parameters that you choose.

    To clear this warning, you need to add or update the connection and resync the inputs and outputs. Open and close the Choose Fields settings menu accessed through the cog icon the corner of the card.

  • Some fields failed to load. This warning can show up on an event or action card when:
    • Your account is improperly configured.

    • Network errors prevent the fields from being loaded.