Note cards

There are several common uses for notes in a flow:

  • Document how a flow works - note cards help to explain the placement or function of one or more cards at a certain point in a flow.

  • Placeholders for work you intend to do later.

  • Test values you can use for testing and debugging the flow.

In addition to typing plain text into a note, you can use common markdown to get rich formatting. For a complete list of common markdown options, see

Here is a full list of special characters used for markdown that you can precede with a back slash to get the character itself to appear instead of formatting:

  • \ back slash
  • ` back tick
  • * asterisk
  • _ underscore
  • < > greater or less than
  • { } braces
  • [ ] brackets
  • ( ) parentheses
  • # hash mark
  • + plus sign
  • - minus (hyphen)
  • . dot