Add a template to your Workflows environment

Search and install flows from the Workflows templates catalog.

  1. From the Templates page, enter a value in the Search field. You can search any of the following categories:

    • Title: Any part of the title assigned to the flow by the builder.

    • Description: Any part of the description string of the flow.

    • Connectors: Any of the connector names or specific cards that are included in the flow.

  2. Click the tile for the flow that you want to add to your environment.

  3. Optional. From the landing page for the selected flow, watch a video walk-through or read the setup documentation.

  4. Click Add Template.

  5. In the confirmation dialog, click Add Template once again. The template is added as a folder in your Workflows environment. If a folder with the same name exists, this action adds a second folder with the same name.

    On your Workflows Home page, click the new folder to view the components of the flow. A flow may contain several components or parent and helper flows.

If an action or event card is included in a flow but you don't have a connection configured for that particular connector, then you need to set up the connection and authorize that connector before the flow can execute.

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