Step 1: Build the flow

  1. In Admin Console, go to WorkflowWorkflows Console.

  2. In the Workflows Console, click New Flow. Optionally, if you have a folder where you'd like to store the flow, open it and click Create a Flow Now.

  3. Click Add New Event, and then select Okta from the menu of applications.

  4. In the Okta events menu, select User Suspended.

  5. In the Workflows Console, click Function, and then select Compose.

  6. In the Compose card, type the following message: Hello, the user with username has been suspended. Just wanted to make you aware. (Leave a blank space after username.)

  7. Drag and drop the user's Alternate ID field from the Okta - User Suspended card to the blank space in the Compose card.

  8. In the Workflows Console, go to Add AnotherApp Action.

  9. Select Office 365 Mail from the menu of applications, and then chooseSend Email from the Actions menu.

  10. If you haven't authenticated your Office 365 account, complete the prompt steps.

  11. In the Send Email card, enter an email address into the To field.

  12. Drag and drop the output from the Compose card to the Body field of the Send Email card.

  13. Enter User Suspension Notification in the Subject field of the Send Email card.

Next steps

Step 2: Add a table to the flow