Tutorial: User provisioning to Salesforce

This tutorial is a walk-through of one of the most common use cases in Okta: provisioning a user to Salesforce. After you turn on this flow, you can create a complete Salesforce user profile simply by assigning a user to the Salesforce app in Okta. The flow is triggered when you make either an individual or a group assignment.

  • If the user does not exist in Salesforce, the flow creates the Salesforce user, assigning a profile and feature licenses.
  • If the user is already active in Salesforce, the flow ends.
  • If the user is inactive in Salesforce, the flow re-activates the user.

After the flow runs successfully, the user is created in Salesforce with the correct entitlements. The user can then log into Salesforce by launching the Salesforce app from their dashboard.

By the end of this tutorial, you will understand how to set up a flow for your org, how to edit that flow to add a notification, and how to trigger the flow and read the results.

Steps in this tutorial

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