Use case: Send custom end-user notifications


Problem: Okta provides out of the box emails for common scenarios such as account activation, and password reset, but there are a limited number of triggers and customization options available.

Solution: When specific lifecycle events occur in Okta, email the end user using an API-driven email service. For example:

  • When a user is activated, send a welcome email or an email with an activation token.

  • When a user is activated, notify an admin or partner manager.

  • When a user profile is updated, notify the user that key fields have been updated.

  • When a user becomes inactive, notify the user that they need to log in.

Example Applications: SendGrid, Gmail, and Office 365 Mail. For the full list of available Workflows connectors, see Connectors.

Sample Flow 1

Activate user > Send welcome email

Sample Flow 2

Activate user without activation link > Send activation token in email

Sample Flow 3

Activate user > Notify admin or partner manager of new registered user

Sample Flow 4

Update user profile > Get profile > Notify user that key fields were updated

Sample Flow 5

User is inactive > Notify user to log in

Guidelines and limitations

  • Okta out-of-the-box emails cannot be customized or replaced using Workflows.

  • Emails can only be triggered for events with available event hooks.