Send notifications for lifecycle activity

Notify users or admins about relevant lifecycle events such as provisioning, deprovisioning or suspension.


Problem: An IT administrator needs to be notified when a new user is added or removed from an app, when a user is suspended, or when a user performs a specific action.

Solution: Workflows triggers a custom notification through email or a chat application as a result of any lifecycle event.

Applications: Connectors that support lifecycle management combined with Gmail, Outlook, PagerDuty, and ServiceNow. For the full list of Workflows connectors, see Connectors.


For a detailed tutorial to implement this flow, see Tutorial: Basic notifications flow

Sample Flow 1

Sample Flow 2

Guidelines and limitations

  • Limits in downstream apps can prevent the successful execution of Flows.
  • This use case is intended for an organization's internal notifications. Messaging for a large numbers of external end users is not supported.
  • Okta event hooks have a daily limit of 100K transactions per day.
  • Workflows system-wide limits also apply. See Learn about Workflows best practices and limits.