Best practices: Choose between an API Connector and Connector Builder

Okta Workflows offers two options for integrating with applications that aren't currently part of the connector catalog: the API Connector function and building your own using Connector Builder.


The API Connector card offers a lightweight solution for customers to make API calls to most services. Credentials are stored securely. The card creates an authorization header using either Basic, OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code, OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials, or a custom authentication. See Authenticate with API Connector cards.

Connector Builder is a no-code development tool for creating connectors on the Workflows platform. You build, test, and deploy these connectors to your tenant, so you can use them just like any other prebuilt connector. See Connector Builder.

Use case

Which option you choose for your connection depends on your use case.

  • The API Connector works best for non-repetitive API calls as the response body is manually parsed with each use. Helper flows can handle repeated calls of the same API request to avoid repetitive parsing. However, helper flows do count against the flow limits defined for your organization’s plan. See Flow limits.

  • Connector Builder provides an end-user experience that closely resembles a compiled product. When you create a connector using Connector Builder, you can call the API and use the responses as drag and drop outputs that are usable across multiple flows. This is helpful if some connector users aren't familiar with using direct API calls.

    Connector Builder is also helpful when you work with non-standard authentication mechanisms, for example, if your service requires extra parameters or uses the Client Credentials grant type.

    You can submit connectors that you create with Connector Builder to the OIN for review and publication in the connector catalog. See Connector Builder submissions. For examples of other connectors built with Connector Builder, see Connectors.


You can export and import flows that contain the API Connector. You must use flows that contain a connector created using Connector Builder on the same tenant where the connector was created. They can't be moved between Okta orgs, for example, from a preview to a production org. It's important to select the correct destination for your connector before you begin development.

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