Create a connector

Create and store connectors as connector projects in Connector Builder.

Before creating your connector, consider which org you need it for. After you create the connector, it can't be moved between orgs.

To create a connector:

  1. Click New Connector. Or, if you already have existing connectors, click Connectors + in the upper left corner of Connector Builder to add another.

  2. Add a name and an optional description for the connector project in the New Connector Name dialog.

    The platform generates an immutable key for your specific connector. For example, if you name a connector project Google Docs, then Okta generates a unique key such as googledocs_RHP4567. Okta adds this randomly generated string to your connector name to ensure that the connector is unique across all Okta environments.

    You can see the key in the Settings section of the Connector Builder page.

The connector appears in the left side of your Connector Builder page, which has four tabs:

  • Overview - Settings and Authentication

  • Flows

  • Test Connections

  • Deployment

Next steps

Create and edit connector settings