Submit your connector

If your tested and working connector is ready for inclusion in the Okta Integration Network, you can submit your connector directly through Connector Builder.

To submit your connector to the OIN:

  1. Click Submit connector.

  2. The Submit connector to Okta dialog outlines the requirements necessary to complete a connector submission. You need:

    • A link to the user documentation for your connector.

    • A valid email address for customer support communication.

    • An Okta org with sufficient data available to properly evaluate the connector function.

    • A file containing the exported test flows.

    • A document that details the tests covered by the exported test flows.

    • A link to the documentation for the API used to build your connector.

    See Connector Builder submissions for details regarding these requirements.

  3. Click Continue to OIN Manager.

Submission details

The panel shows a summary of your submission to the OIN:

  • Created date: The date and time when you sent in the submission for your connector through Connector Builder.

  • Version submitted: Which test version was submitted to the OIN.

  • Last modified by: Who submitted the connector or made the most recent update to an existing submission.

  • Status: A submission moves through the following stages:

    • Editing

    • Cancelled

    • Initial Review Started

    • Initial Review Complete

    • Okta QA Started

    • Okta QA Complete

    • Okta Final QA Review

    • Customer Test

    • Sign Off

    • Ready to Publish

    • Published

    • Okta Discarded

Click View in OIN Manager to launch a browser tab showing the OIN Manager with the current details of your submission.

After a connector reaches the publication stage, you can use the OIN Manager to submit newer versions of your connector. The existing connector remains in place in the OIN catalog until Okta publishes the newer version.