Test connections

The Test Connections tab allows you to create and manage the connections that you'll use to test your connector flows. Connections that you create on this page will be available for use in the flows Test dialog, and connections created on the Test dialog can be managed from this page. You can only use these test connections to test flows within your connector project. You will not be able to use the connections on the Test Connections tab outside of Connector Builder.

To add new connections, click the + New Connections button and add values to the New Connection dialog. Depending on the type of authentication that is used for the connector, enter values for a Connection Nickname in addition to credentials that may include a username and password, a domain URL, or other values.

You can manage a connection with these tools:

  • Rename Connection: Update the string that you manually assigned to the connection's Name field.

  • Reauthorize: If you updated the password, API key, or another setting for an application, then you will need to reauthorize your application. In such cases, click the Reauthorize icon and follow the steps to update your connection.
  • Delete: Delete a connection to an application.

To perform any of these actions, click on its icon for the connection that you want to update or test.

Note that changes that you make to your connector project in the Authentication dialog on the Overview tab will be reflected immediately in the New Connection or Reauthorize dialogs for your connector.