Connector Builder submission documentation

Every Okta Workflows connector requires user documentation, and it must be included as part of the connector submission. The Okta Integration Network checks your documentation as part of the verification process.

After your connecter is published and made available in Okta Workflows, you can set the access level for your documentation:

  • General: any person can view your content.

  • Customer only: if you want to keep your connector docs private, configure a sign-in method on your site so that only approved customers have access.


Your content should cover the following areas:

  • How to configure and use your connector

  • Understanding the input and output fields of your connector's action cards

  • How to anticipate and address any performance issues for flows that contain one or more of your action cards

The connector documentation must explicitly state the version number of the connector that it covers. When you release a new version of your connector, update your documentation with the new version number and highlight any new features.

When a user clicks the help icon on a connector card or dialog, a pop-up window displays a link to your externally hosted help documentation.

User documentation for your connector can be in any format, but generally speaking you should use one of the following: HTML, Google Docs, Microsoft Word document, or a PDF.

Your documentation set needs to include the following topics:

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