Create ASA Group

Create an Advanced Server Access group. Add users to an Advanced Server Access group and assign the group to projects for access management.

The Roles input field allows you to specify one or more roles that will be assigned to members of the group. Note that if no value is specified, no role will be assigned to the group and users will have end-user access to the ASA Dashboard. This behavior matches the behavior when using the ASA interface to create a group.


Field Definition Type Required
Name Name of the new Advanced Server Access group. String TRUE
Roles A list of roles for the Advanced Server Access group. Options are:
  • access_user

  • access_admin

  • reporting_user

List of Text FALSE


Field Definition Type

Name of the new ASA group.

ID Identifier for the group. This value can be used in calls to other APIs. String
Roles Array of roles that are assigned to the group. String

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