List Projects for Team

List all Advanced Server Access projects for a team.

If your ASA team has more than 200 projects, use the Stream Matching Records option to retrieve a list of projects.


Field Definition Type Required
Result Set Choose one of the following options to display your search results:
  • First 200 Matching Records: returns the first 200 records that match the search criteria

  • Stream Matching Records: pass all matching user records from your parent flow to a helper flow; a Streaming input section will be added to the card from which you can select a helper flow for streaming and adding custom extensible fields.

Dropdown TRUE
Sort Order Specifies the order by which the list is displayed; options are Ascending or Descending. Dropdown TRUE

To learn how to use the Stream Matching Records option and set up a helper flow to return a large number of records, see Stream matching records with a helper flow.


Field Definition Type Required

Populate this field when you select the Stream matching records option to filter projects that are returned in the search results.

For example, to only return projects with names like prod-web, prod-app, prod-db, you can specify the text prod in this field to only return projects that start with this name.

String FALSE

Click Choose Flow to browse and select a helper flow where the search results will be streamed, then click Choose to confirm. The helper flow will be called for each project within the team. Optionally, this can match the filter values in the Input field for streaming.

Optionally, click the empty field under Click or drop here to create and add custom extensible fields that pass data to the helper flow. These fields are added as key/value pairs under the State output object in the helper flow.

String FALSE

Input for a helper flow

A helper flow must be configured with proper inputs to process records from the List Projects for Team action card successfully.

Field Definition Type

Record object for an ASA project that is passed to the helper flow.

State Internal object used by the List Projects for Team action card to keep track of the ASA projects as they are streamed. Object


Field Definition Type

If the First 200 Matching Records option is selected, returns a JSON array object containing the list of Projects in the team.

Records streamed If the Stream Matching Records option is selected, returns the total number of projects that were streamed and processed by the helper flow. Number

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