Update Project

Update the settings of an Advanced Server Access project.

Not all properties supported by the API can be set by this action card. If a property needs to be set on a project that is not supported by this action, use the Custom API Action card for this connector.


Field Definition Type Required
Project Name Specifies the project name. String TRUE
Create Server users Specifies whether to create server users for ASA users in this project. Defaults to false. Boolean FALSE
Forward Traffic Indicates whether to require that all traffic in the project be forwarded through selected gateways. Boolean FALSE
Next Unix GroupID GID to use when creating a new server user. Number FALSE
Next Unix UserID UID to use when creating a new server user. Must be over 100. Number FALSE
Require Preauth For Creds Indicates whether to require preauthorization before an ASA user can retrieve credentials to sign in. Default is false. Boolean FALSE
SSH Session Recording Indicates whether to enable SSH recording on all servers in this project. Default is false. Boolean FALSE


Field Definition Type
Status Code

Result of the operation. The connector returns an HTTP status code that indicates whether the action taken by the card succeeded or failed. For example:

  • A 201 Created status code indicates success where a new resource was created.
  • A 403 Forbidden error indicates that the HTTP request wasn't processed because the necessary permissions were missing.

For a full list of possible status codes, see HTTP status codes.


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