Link Account

Link two Auth0 accounts, optionally merging the user and app metadata.

This action removes the secondary user from the user list along with their data, although the secondary user account isn't deleted.

You can choose to merge the secondary account's user and app metadata with the primary user. For any collisions between these metadata objects, the primary user information is kept and the secondary account is discarded. After the merge, the only remaining information from the secondary user is from keys in the metadata objects that didn't exist for the primary user.

The User ID and all other main profile properties continue to be those for the primary user account.

If you delete the primary user account later, the secondary account is also deleted.


Field Definition Type Required
Merge Metadata Indicate how you want to handle the metadata during the account merge:
  • True: Merge the App Metadata and Metadata for the primary and secondary user accounts. Prioritization is given to the information from the primary user account for situations where there are multiple values present for the same key.

  • False: Discard all App Metadata and Metadata for the secondary user.

Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
Primary User ID The user ID of the primary user account being linked. Text TRUE
Secondary User ID The user ID of the secondary user account being linked.

After linking the accounts, Auth0 removes this user from the user list.

Secondary User Provider The Identity Provider of the secondary user account being linked.

Possible values: ad, adfs, amazon, apple, dropbox, bitbucket, aol, auth0-oidc, auth0, baidu, bitly, box, custom, daccount, dwolla, email, evernote-sandbox, evernote, exact, facebook, fitbit, flickr, github, google-apps, google-oauth2, instagram, ip, line, linkedin, miicard, oauth1, oauth2, office365, oidc, okta, paypal, paypal-sandbox, pingfederate, planningcenter, renren, salesforce-community, salesforce-sandbox, salesforce, samlp, sharepoint, shopify, sms, soundcloud, thecity-sandbox, thecity, thirtysevensignals, twitter, untappd, vkontakte, waad, weibo, windowslive, wordpress, yahoo, yammer, yandex.

Secondary User Connection When more than one Auth0 database provider exists, select the connection for the secondary user account.

To populate this field, the card uses the Auth0 API to dynamically fetch the available connections.

Dropdown FALSE


Field Definition Type
Profiles List of Objects
Connection Name of the Auth0 connection used to authenticate the user. Text
User ID Unique identifier of the user.

The value is specific to the connection or provider.

Provider Name of the entity that authenticated the user. For example, Facebook, Google, SAML, or your own provider. Text
Profile Data Object
Email The email address of the user. Text
Email Verified Indicates whether this email address is verified or unverified.

The user receives a verification email after creation if this is false or not specified.

Name Name of the user. Text
Username Username of the user. Text
Given Name Given name of the user. Text
Phone Number The user's phone number. Text
Phone Verified Indicates whether this phone number is verified or unverified. True/False
Family Name Family name of the user. Text
Is Social Indicates whether the connection is authenticated through a social provider. True/False
Access Token Access token for the API connection to be used with the provider. Text
Access Token Secret Access token secret for the API connection to be used with the provider. Text
Refresh Token Refresh token to be used with the provider. Text

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